Testimonials: Please call for additional references as needed.

"I am writing to let you know how highly I regard James Ward. He remodeled two bathrooms for me and did a stellar job. I could not be more pleased. In addition to the quality of his workmanship, he was a problem solver. If something could not work the way it was, he was able to find a way to make it work.


I was also very impressed with his honesty. There was a job that I had asked him to do which would have required tearing apart a wall and doing electrical work, which would have been quite expensive. He told me that there was an equally effective and simple way to solve the issue and would be quick and very inexpensive, which it was. I felt completely comfortable giving him the keys to my house and having him here while I was out.


I found his prices to be reasonable and the costs did not exceed his estimate.


Finally, when he noticed little things around the house unrelated to the bathrooms that needed repair, he did those without extra charge. He was careful of the house, removing his shoes or putting down plastic to cover the carpets.


All in all, I highly recommend James to do any kind of home repair, remodeling or building."


M. Sandau

Port Townsend, WA

"James Ward has been my number one Project Manager. He is dependable, honest, autonomous and is enjoyable to work with.


James is creative in expediting each project and he interfaces well with our clients. Many of the people for whom we build require a great deal of patience and personal care. James provides both these qualities with abundance as well as providing great attention to detail. He has an eye for quality and fine work and demands high quality work from the sub-contractors. James' own personal work is excellent with an artistic quality. He provides valuable input with creative workable solutions when discussing change orders requested by clients."



L. Kline

Fairfield, IA

"I was the owner of the Broadway Building during its extensive renovation. The project was in a 70,000 sq. ft., 100 year old manufacturing warehouse that we converted to multi-use office, residential and retail facility. Jim served in the capacity of Building Supervisor/Manager as well as Construction Foreman for the various crews and subcontractors during most of this renovation phase.


Jim has the tenacity for completing each aspect of a project thoroughly and professionally. We could always count on him to insure that each job was of a high quality and done in a timely fashion.  The entire project consisted of 20 apartments, an upscale restaurant, retail outlets, offices, warehouse space and mini-storage units. Even though this was a large project with many aspects going on simultaneously, Jim was always relaxed and has a natural ability to deal with all the many details and situations that routinely came up in a project of this scope. We were impressed with his ability to work well with us as the owners, and with the tenants and subcontractors.


We woul.d not hesitate in any way to recommend Jim for any position in your construction company. He is reliable, honest, hardworking and an experienced builder. He is a joy to work with and for and we certainly appreciated having him available to supervise our project."


S. Slagter

Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the Veteran's Soul

Fairfield, IA



James Ward has been employed by Sunstar Publishing Ltd. on numerous occasions to design and oversee construction projects from June 1992 through August 1999. His responsibilities ranged from original drafting through crew-management and hands-on construction.


Having worked on projects with James personally, I whole-heartedly recommend him as a diligent, accurate, detail-oriented leader who prides himself in meeting even unreasonable deadlines.


You will discover that he takes his responsibilities seriously and has an infectious enthusiasm that spans the workday. He clearly possesses the authority of someone well qualified to explicate their field and does it with an almost casual professionalism that is both awesome and accessible despite unfamiliar details or complexities. James has empowered myself and many other industry professionals with a gold mine of understanding and dones so in a manner that is practical, sincere and disarmingly frank. I am aware of no comparable peer in the industry today."


R. Charles

Pres. Sunstar Publishing Ltd.

Fairfield, IA


"I have known James Ward personally since 1996. I have been able to work with him and observe his craftsmanship and management skills on numerous residential construction projects. At various times, I have also employed James on both an hourly wage and a contractual basis. I highly recommend him as a responsible, fair and multi-talented worker.


James has developed expertise in nearly all phases of residential construction, from foundation to finish work. His broad working knowledge of the various trades, including plumbing, electric, HVAC, insulation, roofing, drywall, tile-setting etc .. as well as framing and finish carpentry, allows him to diligently supervise and coordinate complete, "turn-key" housing projects. James is inspiring in his personal discipline and productivity. He manages his time well and can foresee bottlenecks and generate flexible work-arounds. He adapts well to scheduling, budgets and work-order changes while maintaining a pleasant attitude in the face of adversity and completion timelines.


James is a good communicator and is able to creatively and sensitively assist designers, builders and owners as they envision and evaluate their projects from idea to actuality.  He works well with others, trades-people and professionals alike. He leads work at a steady pace, with good-natured friendliness and quiet resolve. He can coach others toward improved productivity, with a good balance of functional accountability and long-term teamwork and career development goals."


A. White

Fairfield, IA


Over the last 8 months James Ward built my new home. In addition to supervising a small crew, James beautifully and meticulously designed and installed all the wood trim that he shaped and milled on-site including construction of a walnut staircase. He also designed and installed all the floor and wall ceramic tiles. Jim is a perfectionist, yet this does not slow the pace of his work.


Jim did a great job coordinating all the sub-contractor's work and his experience in all areas of construction, including HVAC, plumbing and electrical insured me that all the subs were doing the work properly.


I would strongly recommend Jim for any construction job and you may call me at anytime for additional information."


J. Larsen

Fairfield, IA


"Jim Ward has remodeled and done repairs on some of my properties over the last 7 years. In 1997 Jim designed and built an apartment unit in the lower level of our property on Liberty Drive. My wife was so impressed with the results that she wanted the additional space for our own use. The quality of the work was top notch. The detail and finish work was excellent and exceeded our expectations. Jim completed the project on time and within budget.


Besides the quality of his work, he is a pleasure to work with as he explained all the steps in enough detail to make us feel comfortable during the project. His creativity and attention to detail was impressive. We wholeheartedly recommend him to you.




B. Lemlin

Hawthorne Direct, Inc.

Fairfield, IA


We have known Jim Ward for 28 years. During that time, on and off, he has been in charge of extensive renovation of our Victorian house. We have found him to be truly exceptional in his professional abilities and in his personal qualities.


Jim has a thorough understanding and a high level of hands-on experience in all aspects of construction. We have never heard him say he couldn't do something. If he feels he doesn't know something well enough, he finds out or recommends an expert.


Jim is extremely intelligent, thoughtful and creative, loves a challenge, and will always come up with an admirable solution to any problem.


Jim commands trust and respect from everyone he works with. He understands people, has natural authority and a solid rapport with those who work under him. He is an excellent teacher and has an astonishing professional network.


Jim takes the time to find out his customers needs, tastes and desires, to educate them, explore options and work with them to find the best solutions within their budget.


Jim is a warm, friendly person with a great sense of humor. He plans carefully, measures three times, and then acts quickly and decisively. He is quick, reliable, fair and conscientious in all that he does. He has high standards, but also great flexibility.


On reading over what we have said, we realize this is an extremely glowing recommendation. But we can only find good things to say about Jim and we know a few hundred people who would say exactly the same as we have.


E Kingsbury, Software Developer

J Kingsbury, Marketing Consultant

Fairfield, IA