Green Building

Ward Construction makes use of the latest products and building techniques to maximize energy efficiency, reduce cost and lower environmental impact. Green construction requires careful planning and cost considerations to balance immediate expense with return on investment. Often environmental and toxicity concerns can trump expense and convenience for our clients.


For example, using plywood instead of OSB, home orientation towards solar exposure with possible view sacrifice, and energy efficient heat systems (which cost more initially - but save more in the long run). Other green building techniques may include water catchment, framing efficiencies, superior insulation, high efficiency appliances, non-toxic paints, glues and floor coverings, and building smaller, simpler homes. Local sustainable products rarely add more than a 5% cost increase to the building of a home, yet provide economic stimulus and a connection to our local communities. We like to use local craftsman, sub-contractors and suppliers which we know meet or exceed our high standards.